This is my story to fight acne ....

Why My Story Will Shock You... And How After What Seemed To Be An Endless 4 Month Battle, I Eventually Cleared My Acne Within Days.

If you're thinking about using lotions, drugs or any other product to get rid of acne, I'm extremely relieved that you've found my blog because not only will my story shock you, it'll almost certainly save your health, your money as well as a lot of time and heart ache.

I will tell you exactly why over a 4 month period I tried but was forced to give up with Acneticin, Oxycerin and a range of other cleansing bars and products... and how I finally managed to get rid of my acne completely with a unique product called 'Acne No More'.

My name is Sandy Jameson and like so many teenagers and young adults, I spent months desperately trying to get rid of my acne.

I never used to have issue with my skin at all. However, in January 2016, after having perfect skin for so many years I began life at a new college. Even though this was fantastic and I was having a great time, the problem was my whole lifestyle was altered. My diet changed, I was sleeping less and because of the work load it actually became quite stressful.

The Inevitable Started To Happen.

My skin slowly started to worsen and probably due to lack of exercise and the poor quality of the food I was eating, within 8 weeks I was covered in zits and things didn't get any better from there.

After a few months the work eased off slightly and I actually did have the chance to start swimming and made a big effort to get myself healthy again - which I hoped would improve my skin. However, after hoping for the best for a number of weeks, it became obvious that it wasn't going to work.

And that was the point when I realized I had to do something about it.

I Tried Oxycerin & Failed.

At the time, Oxycerin was the 'in thing' to do and after speaking to three of my friends who had had moderate success with it, I decided to give it a go.

At first it worked out reasonably well and my skin did start to improve slightly - and although that wasn't exactly something to get too excited about, at least it was a start. And any 'start' was good!

However, after a few weeks, things began to go downhill. One of the major issues was that I was spending so much money on the product.  $129.99 for a small bottle was far more than I could afford and it seemed like I was going back to the drug store every two minutes to purchase more bottles. I found that I needed much more than the recommended dosage for it to have any real effect.

I was working my way through hundreds of dollars which was becoming a problem, especially as a student.

Eventually I had to stop.

Then I Tried Acneticin Pills But Was Forced To Give Them Up.

After only 14 days using these pills I began to feel unhealthy and ill. I don't know why but even with no medical expertise at all, I recognized that my digestive system was running into problems. I was also getting terrible migraines.

The most worrying thing of all was that I got a warning from my doctor and after deciding that the pain and suffering I was experiencing wasn't worth it compared to the benefit the product was having on my skin, I threw the pills in the bin the very next day.

I then tried a range of scrubs and lotions such as the Asso Gold Cleansing Bar. However, after going through one of the bars within 12 days (it cost $124!) I soon realized that if I was actually going to get rid of my acne for good, this just wasn't going to work., unless I wanted to go broke of course!

Eventually, I found something that worked.

Having spent so much time, money and energy desperately trying to succeed with products, lotions and pills that ultimately had very little effect on my skin was a big regret. However, the next thing I tried that was called "Acne No More".

I had never heard of it before and because of my recent experiences, I was initially a little dubious. But after reading some extremely complimentary reviews and learning that the cost was minimal compared to everything else I tried, I decided to give it a shot.

What seemed to be so different with this program was that a major consideration was health although more importantly (obviously!) I discovered an almost unbelievable trick to remove acne permanently using an entirely natural method.

Here's why I recommend it.

The reason why I recommend "Acne No More" is because I followed their plan for a matter of days and the results were almost unbelievable.

Although it did take me a few days longer to clear my acne that it says on the website, I did manage to clear most of it up in 12 days, which I'm sure you'll agree is pretty astonishing. I'm almost at the stage of being able to look at myself in the mirror again!

In my opinion, this is way more superior and far more effective than any of the other products I tried. Obviously everyone is different but it has worked extremely well for me. The genial part is you simply eat normal food that you can buy from your local store. They tell you what to eat. You eat it - and your acne disappears. What could be simpler? You don't even have to order special pills or drugs from a website or anything like that.

Anyway, I hope you've found this information useful whatever your situation because if I had known about "Acne No More" a few months back, I would have lost my zits long ago without wasting my time and money with all these other things. I wish you every success! You can see this product here ...


Sandy Jameson

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I have been on this regimen for 2 weeks and it has cleared my acne, mine is usually on my chin, chaw line and cheeks. The mentioned regimen is wonderful! The biggest improvement began when I started this line. Worth every penny:)

Cristina Jones

I am an adult woman who has struggled with acne like forever! I have tried everything from over the counter products, dermatologists, home remedies, staying inside, the many products at Sephora and have spent endless money on products that simply didn't work for me. It has also been said that acne is tied to what you eat. Well I eat anything I want and using the Acne Regimin has been all I need to keep my acne in check. I am impressed by how much I love this recommended "acne no more" and I can't believe all the money I wasted. This method is unlike anything I've ever used before. Bravo to it's creators.

Sarah Williams