ai tools for real estate agents

Best 21 AI Tools for Real Estate Agents in 2024

Tool NameFeaturesProsConsPricingFree Trial
Roof AI– Chatbot for lead generation

– Integrates with Facebook Messenger and websites

– 24/7 lead engagement
– Qualifies leads automatically
– Limited customization options
– May require human intervention for complex queries
Starting at $99/month14-day free trial
Homie– Virtual assistant for lead nurturing
– Answers questions and schedules appointments
– Personalized property recommendations
– Frees up agents’ time
– Relies on data input by agents
– May not handle all types of inquiries
Custom pricingDemo available
CINC’s Alex– Lead nurturing platform
– Analyzes lead behavior and sends personalized messages
– Identifies high-quality leads
– Automates follow-up
– Requires integration with CINC’s CRM
– May have a learning curve for some users
Custom pricingDemo available
Structurely– Lead qualification and nurturing
– Integrates with popular real estate CRMs
– Automated lead scoring
– Personalized follow-up messages
– May require setup and training
– Some leads may prefer human interaction
Starting at $329/month14-day free trial
HouseCanary– Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
– Provides real-time property valuations and market insights
– Accurate property valuations
– Data-driven decision making
– Pricing may be high for some agents
– Requires reliable data sources
Custom pricingDemo available
CoreLogic– Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
– Leverages property data and analytics
– Comprehensive property data
– Reliable valuations
– May not account for unique property features
– Pricing may be a barrier for some
Custom pricingDemo available
Zillow– Predictive analytics and market insights
– Identifies investment opportunities
– Valuable market trends and buyer preferences
– Helps agents stay ahead of the curve
– Relies on Zillow’s data
– May not cover all local markets
Included in Zillow Premier AgentN/A
Deal Machine– Identifies off-market properties
– Analyzes investment potential
– Uncovers hidden opportunities
– Connects with property owners
– Requires proactive outreach by agents
– May have a learning curve
Starting at $49/month7-day free trial
Listing Copy AI– Generates property descriptions
– Uses key features and selling points
– Saves time on listing creation
– Ensures compelling descriptions
– May require editing for specific properties
– Generated content may sound generic
Custom pricingDemo available
Jasper AI– Generates property descriptions and content
– Tailored to real estate agents
– Versatile content creation
– Customizable to brand voice
– Requires input and guidance from agents
– May have a learning curve
Starting at $29/month5-day free trial
SurferSEO– Analyzes top-ranking content
– Provides SEO optimization insights
– Helps optimize website and blog content
– Improves search engine rankings
– Focuses primarily on SEO
– May require additional tools for content creation
Starting at $59/month7-day free trial
NeuronWriter– Generates SEO-optimized content
– Based on user input and target keywords
– Saves time on content creation
– Helps improve search engine visibility
– May require fact-checking and editing
– Generated content may lack personal touch
Starting at $49/month7-day free trial
Writesonic– Generates various types of content
– Offers templates for real estate agents
– Versatile content creation
– Saves time on writing
– May require editing and fact-checking
– Some content may sound generic
Starting at $15/monthFree trial available
Opus– Creates property videos and market updates
– Uses customizable templates
– Engages clients with video content
– User-friendly interface
– May require additional editing
– Some templates may not fit all brands
Starting at $99/month14-day free trial
SynthesiaCreates personalized video content
– Features virtual avatars
– Connects with clients through video
– Shares valuable insights
– Avatar customization may be limited
– May require script writing by agents
Custom pricingDemo available
Virtual Staging AI– Digitally furnishes and decorates properties
– Generates realistic virtual staging images
– Saves time and money on physical staging
– Helps clients visualize potential
– May not match actual property dimensions
– Some clients may prefer physical staging
Starting at $199/monthDemo available
Matterport– Creates 3D tours and virtual walkthroughs
– Provides floor plans
– Immersive and engaging property experiences
– Attracts remote buyers
– Requires specialized equipment
– May have a learning curve for some agents
Starting at $9.99/monthFree trial available
RealtyNinja– CRM and marketing automation
– Lead management and client communication
– All-in-one platform
– Streamlines workflows
– May have a learning curve
– Some features may require additional setup
Starting at $99/month14-day free trial
Zapier– Connects apps and services
– Creates custom workflows and automations
– Automates repetitive tasks
– Integrates with various tools
– Requires setup and maintenance
– Some integrations may be limited
Starting at $19.99/monthFree plan available
RealtyMogul– Matches investors with investment opportunities
– Provides personalized recommendations
– Helps agents find investment properties
– Analyzes user preferences
– Focuses on investment properties
– May not cover all markets
Custom pricingDemo available
RealCrowd– Connects investors with commercial real estate opportunities
– Offers vetted investment options
– Provides personalized recommendations
– Helps agents diversify portfolios
– Focuses on commercial real estate
– Minimum investment requirements may apply
Custom pricingDemo available
Comparison table of the AI tools for real estate agents

Picture this: It used to be that successful real estate agents needed superhuman organization skills and a knack for reading people. Sure, those are still valuable, but in 2024 there’s a new superpower – embracing AI!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the real estate industry. From lead generation and nurturing to property valuations and marketing, AI-powered tools are changing the way real estate agents work. By automating repetitive tasks and providing data-driven insights, these innovative technologies allow agents to focus on building client relationships and closing more deals.

According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 35% of real estate agents were already using AI tools in 2022, and 73% expressed interest in leveraging AI technologies in the future. As competition heats up, tech-savvy agents who embrace AI will have a distinct advantage over those who don’t.

AI tools aren’t magic wands, but they are a game-changer, and here’s why:

  • Save Precious Time: From sorting leads to magically writing property descriptions, AI frees you up for tasks that only a human can do.
  • Boost Client Satisfaction: Personalized recommendations, super-fast response times – it adds up to happy clients.
  • Uncover Hidden Gems: AI analyzes tons of market data, spotting trends that could lead to your next big deal.
Real estate agent using AI-powered tool on a tablet to analyze potential leads in a modern office with cityscape views.

Why Real Estate Agents Need AI Tools

Think of AI less like a competitor and more like a super-efficient assistant. Savvy agents aren’t just keeping up with the trend; they’re actively embracing these tools to gain an edge. And you should too! AI tech can supercharge your efforts in so many areas:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: AI can automate repetitive administrative tasks like data entry, freeing up agents’ time to focus on high-value activities.
  • Turbocharged Lead Generation: AI never sleeps! Chatbots help you qualify leads 24/7, uncovering those hot prospects.
  • Smart Property Analysis: Valuing a home used to be a bit of guesswork. AI tools crunch the numbers for amazingly accurate results.
  • Marketing Genius: From writing catchy listing descriptions to helping you target ads – it’s like having a marketing pro on call!
  • Virtual staging and 3D tours: AI generates photorealistic staging and immersive 3D tours to market listings effectively.

By leveraging these capabilities, savvy agents can boost productivity, provide better service to clients, and stay ahead of the competition. As AI continues advancing, integrating these tools will become essential for real estate professionals.

Let’s get down to the cool stuff – what are the best AI tools out there?

AI Tools for Lead Generation and Nurturing

One of the biggest challenges in real estate is generating and qualifying promising leads. AI marketing tools can automate lead engagement, scoring and nurturing to help agents focus on high-potential clients.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants allow real estate agents to communicate with leads 24/7. They can handle common queries, book showings, and qualify leads based on their needs. Popular options include:

  • Roof AI: This AI-powered chatbot specializes in engaging potential leads on your website.
    • Features: 24/7 availability, lead qualification, appointment scheduling, customizable conversation flows, integration with popular CRMs.
    • Pros: Improves lead capture, saves time, gives your website a professional touch even when you’re off the clock.
    • Pricing: Plans start at $500/month.
  • Homie: A virtual assistant that integrates with popular messaging platforms to auto-respond to common lead inquiries.

Key capabilities to look for include natural language processing, ability to handle common real estate queries, and integration across different messaging platforms. The right chatbot can help agents engage more leads without constant manual follow-ups.

chart illustrating lead generation and client interaction over a six-month period, from January to June

Lead Scoring and Nurturing Platforms

Lead nurturing tools use AI to identify promising leads and automatically nurture them with tailored content. They help agents focus on qualified prospects instead of wasting time on low-potential leads. Examples include:

  • CINC’s Alex: AI that helps you identify, score, and nurture leads for increased conversions.
    • Features: Uses a variety of signals to predict client readiness, automates personalized communication (email, text), and integrates with your CRM.
    • Pros: Helps agents prioritize the hottest leads, improves follow-up, and offers valuable insights into lead behavior.
    • Pricing: Plans vary based on users and features – contact CINC for a custom quote.
  • Structurely: Automates lead scoring based on interests and activity. It nurtures leads with personalized email/text campaigns.

Look for platforms with capabilities like automated lead scoring, personalized nurturing campaigns, and integration with CRMs. The right solution can increase lead conversion rates by as much as 300%.

a chart illustrating the general performance metrics of AI tools in real estate. It shows various key metrics such as user engagement, ROI (Return on Investment), lead conversion rate, and operational efficiency, represented as percentage values. This visualization helps in understanding the overall impact of AI tools on improving different aspects of real estate business operations.

AI Tools for Property Valuation and Market Analysis

Accurate property valuation and market analysis are critical for pricing and making prudent investment decisions. AI tools deliver instant AVMs and data-driven insights to inform these strategies.

Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

AVMs leverage big data and algorithms to estimate a property’s value. They deliver instant valuations and help compare listing prices to market values. Top options are:

  • HouseCanary: A leading Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and analytics platform.
    • Features: Accurate valuations based on current market trends, block-level insights, investment opportunity identifier, and predictive analytics.
    • Pros: Helps agents make well-informed pricing decisions, simplifies market analysis, and uncovers those hidden investment gems.
    • Pricing: Subscription-based with several tiers. Contact HouseCanary for their latest pricing plans
  • CoreLogic: A leading AVM provider covering over 99% of U.S. ZIP codes with valuation models updated daily.

Look for AVMs that offer high accuracy validated against recent sales, comprehensive market data, and advanced analytics. With valuations in minutes, AVMs allow faster listing decisions and price optimization.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

AI predictive analytics examine market data to forecast trends and identify investment opportunities. For example:

  • Zillow: Love or hate the Zestimates, Zillow’s got powerful AI under the hood.
    • Features: Predictive analytics for forecasting market trends, neighborhood analysis, and property valuation estimates.
    • Pros: Free access (huge bonus!), helps spot potential investment areas, and their data visualizations are user-friendly.
    • Pricing: Basic features are free, additional analytics have premium access options.
  • DealMachine: Helps investors find discounted off-market homes, predict renovation costs and ARV to evaluate deals.

The most useful tools analyze large real estate datasets to accurately predict market shifts and emerging opportunities. This powers better-informed investment strategies.

 chart representing property valuation and market analysis by region. It combines bar graphs to show property values in dollars across different regions (North, East, South, West) and a line graph to illustrate the market hotspots score, which could indicate the level of market activity or attractiveness of each region. This dual representation allows for a clear comparison of property values alongside market activity, highlighting how these elements correlate across different geographical areas.

AI Tools for Marketing and Content Creation

AI content creation and optimization tools help real estate agents improve their online presence and listings with less effort.

Listing Description Generators

Writing unique listing descriptions for every property is tedious. AI listing copy generators create customized descriptions with one click. Leaders are:

  • Listing Copy AI: Creates SEO-friendly listing descriptions tailored to each home’s amenities and neighborhood.
  • Jasper AI: Versatile tool for generating everything from descriptions to social media posts.
    • Features: Multiple writing templates, SEO optimization tools, plagiarism checker, and a content improver feature.
    • Pros: Helps overcome writer’s block, saves time, ensures your listings are hitting those search engine sweet spots.
    • Pricing: Subscription-based, starting at $29/month.

Look for human-sounding copy that highlights differentiating details and adheres to fair housing guidelines. With personalized descriptions for every listing, agents can showcase properties effectively.

Content Creation and Optimization

AI content tools create blogs, social media posts, drip campaigns, emails and other marketing assets to build brand awareness. Top options:

  • SurferSEO: Content optimizer designed to boost your website’s search rankings.
    • Features: Analyzes top-ranking pages, guides keyword placement, suggests content structure, and a content editor with real-time feedback.
    • Pros: Helps attract more organic traffic, ensures your content competes, and the visual interface is intuitive to use.
    • Pricing: Subscription-based plans starting at $59/month.
  • NeuronWriter: Uses AI to generateblogs and articles for thought leadership content creation. The tool has free trial.
  • Writesonic: Creates SEO-friendly blogs and website copy tailored to your brand voice and audience.

Important Notes:

  • Free Trials = Your Friend: Many AI tools offer free trials or limited-use plans – test them out to find your perfect fit!
  • Tech Changes Fast: This is just a snapshot of what’s hot right now. New players pop up all the time, so stay curious!

Look for creative tools that produce high-quality, original content optimized for SEO and branded tone of voice. With AI-generated blogs and social media posts, agents can attract and engage more prospects.

Video Creation and Editing

Engaging video content is essential for social media marketing. AI video tools make it simple for non-experts to create customized videos. Top options are:

  • Opus: Converts blog posts and articles into explainer videos automatically.
  • Synthesia: Generates custom video content using AI-powered digital avatars.

Key features include ease of use, ability to produce quality videos, and integration with social platforms. AI video creation tools help agents cost-effectively produce more engaging video content.

AI Tools for Virtual Staging and 3D Tours

Visual content can make or break a listing. AI staging and 3D tour solutions create immersive visual experiences to showcase listings.

Virtual Staging

Empty homes are difficult to evaluate. But AI virtual staging generates photorealistic furnishings and decor to help buyers envision the space.

  • Virtual Staging AI: This company focuses on – you guessed it – virtual staging!
    • Features: Fast turnaround times, an easy-to-use interface, a variety of staging styles, and the ability to handle outdoor staging as well.
    • Pros: Super affordable compared to traditional staging, multiple design options give clients choices, it works wonders for attracting those clicks online.
    • Pricing: Pay per image or monthly subscriptions. See their site for up-to-date pricing.

With just a few clicks, listings come alive with furnishings suited to the home’s size and architecture. Virtual staging boosts buyer engagement by 83%.

3D Tours and Visualizations

AI 3D tour platforms quickly create immersive 3D experiences for listings. For example:

  • Matterport: Major player for 3D tours, compatible with most cameras.
    • Features: Creates super realistic 3D tours, floor plans, and the ability to add “info hotspots” throughout the tour for extra context.
    • Pros: Easy to use, helps listings attract more attention, works on desktops or VR headsets.
    • Pricing: Ranges from a free plan with limited features to professional-level subscriptions.

Look for intuitive tools that help bring listings to life on any device. 3D tours can accelerate listings and increase buyer engagement by up to 135%, per Immoviewer.

A real estate agent presents an immersive virtual property tour to clients, highlighting AI's role in enhancing client satisfaction.

AI Tools for Automation and Integration

Smooth tech integration and automation maximize agents’ productivity. AI assistants and CRMs streamline workflows, while AI search tools provide personalized recommendations.

Marketing Automation and CRM

AI marketing automation platforms integrate various tools and automate repetitive tasks like email sequences. Top options are:

  • RealtyNinja: All-in-one real estate CRM combining AI automation with built-in marketing and transaction platform.
    • Features: Automated lead follow-up, email drip campaigns, social media integration, a customizable website builder.
    • Pros: Focus on streamlining a real estate agents’ workflow, helps stay organized, includes handy analytics tools.
    • Pricing: Monthly subscription-based with varying tiers.
  • Zapier: Automation platform with thousands of integrations to streamline real estate workflows. If it has an API, chances are Zapier can connect it. The ultimate integration tool.
    • Features: Creates automated “if this, then that” workflows between thousands of different apps.
    • Pros: Saves a ton of time on repetitive tasks, works with both real estate-specific tools and popular productivity apps.
    • Pricing: Offers a free plan for basic use and tiered subscriptions for higher volume.

The right solution connects your stack of tools while managing repetitive tasks. This boosts productivity and frees up time to nurture client relationships.

AI-Powered Search and Recommendations

AI can curate customized property recommendations for clients based on their preferences. For example:

  • RealtyMogul: An AI-powered property search that learns client preferences to deliver personalized investment opportunities and recommendations.
    • Features: Off-market listings, access to property data, AI-powered matching.
    • Pros: Helps uncover those diamonds in the rough, great for investors needing specific returns.
    • Pricing: Offers different plans including options for individual investors and institutions.
  • RealCrowd: Provides AI-generated commercial real estate investment recommendations tailored to investor goals, with plenty of AI under the hood.
    • Features: Access to investment properties, detailed analysis tools, financial projections with AI assistance.
    • Pros: Offers investment opportunities across a range of property types, simplifies due diligence, cater to both individual and institutional investors.
    • Pricing: Varies based on investment volume and selected services.

Intelligent search and recommendation features allow agents to quickly find well-matched properties. This VIP service helps strengthen client relationships.

Future of AI in Real Estate

Looking ahead, AI will continue enhancing most aspects of real estate. As generative AI advances, agents may leverage tools that create 3D digital property twins, generate personalized listing recommendations at scale, analyze sentiment from online reviews, and more.

Expect AI to become even more sophisticated and integrated:

  • Hyper-Personalized Recommendations: AI will get even better at understanding client preferences, suggesting hidden gems they might have missed.
  • Proactive Problem Solving: Imagine AI spotting a leaky roof on a listing photo, auto-scheduling the repair estimate…that’s the future.
  • Voice Control: “Alexa, find me off-market properties meeting my criteria in [city]” might not be as sci-fi as it sounds!

Don’t let AI intimidate you. It’s a tool, and like any tool, those who master it first gain the edge. Encourage readers to:

  • Start Small: Pick one tool, try it out. Success breeds confidence!
  • Stay Curious: The AI real estate landscape changes fast.
  • Focus on the Human Factor: AI is powerful, but it can’t replace the personal touch agents provide. That’s the real superpower!

Staying updated on the latest real estate tech will ensure agents can capitalize on AI to boost productivity and exceed client expectations. The future belongs to those who embrace innovation.

Visitors at an open house event experiencing property tours through AI-powered VR headsets in a stylishly decorated room.


It would be impossible to list every cool AI tool available, but hopefully, this gave you a taste of what’s out there. Remember, the “best tool” is the one that works for YOU.

AI real estate tools available today already deliver transformative capabilities. Tech-forward agents who integrate solutions like conversational AI assistants, AI content creators, virtual 3D tours, and predictive analytics will gain a distinct competitive advantage.

If you’re looking to take your real estate business to the next level in 2024, explore adding one or more of the newest AI tools highlighted here. The power, efficiency and insights they provide will help you stand out from the crowd and deliver maximum value to your clients.

Most Popular Questions About AI Tools for Real Estate Agents in 2024

What are the main benefits of using AI tools for real estate agents?

AI tools help agents work faster and smarter by automating repetitive tasks like data entry, identifying promising leads, creating listing descriptions, and more. This saves time while boosting productivity.

How can AI improve lead generation and nurturing?

AI chatbots engage leads 24/7 and use natural language processing to qualify them. Lead scoring tools identify hot prospects and auto-nurture them with personalized content. This increases conversions.

Do AI home valuations and predictions provide accurate data?

Yes, AI models like automated valuation models (AVMs) leverage huge datasets and advanced algorithms to estimate valuations within 2% of actual sales prices in most cases. AI market forecasting also accurately predicts price shifts.

Can AI really generate high-quality, customized real estate content?

Yes, AI copywriting tools create tailored, human-sounding listing descriptions, blogs, emails, social posts and more. They save agents hours of writing time while optimizing content for SEO and branding.

What kinds of visual content can AI create for real estate marketing?

AI virtual staging tools furnish empty rooms with photorealistic decor to boost engagement. AI also creates immersive 3D property tours that bring listings to life online and help them stand out.

How does AI help integrate and automate real estate workflows?

AI CRMs and automation platforms connect agents’ stack of tools while managing repetitive tasks like email sequences automatically. This streamlines operations.

Can AI really deliver personalized real estate recommendations at scale?

Yes, AI search engines analyze millions of data points to match clients with customized property recommendations based on their stated preferences and past behavior.

How quickly is AI adoption growing in the real estate industry?

Very quickly. 35% of agents already use AI tools and 73% plan to start leveraging AI according to the National Association of Realtors. AI is becoming essential.

What are some emerging AI real estate technologies to watch?

Keep an eye on generative AI for 3D digital twins, personalized recommendations at scale, sentiment analysis, and more. The tech evolves rapidly.

Why should agents consider adopting AI tools now?

AI provides a distinct competitive advantage. Agents who leverage AI early to boost productivity and service will thrive. The time to embrace proptech is now.

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