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Write for Us | Guest Post Guidelines

Your guest post contribution offers an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and establish your authority in the field.

By writing for us, you’ll gain visibility through our website visitors, social media channels, and possibility of getting featured in our future tools or apps releases.

Please carefully review the following guidelines, submission process, and content preferences outlined on this page. To ensure your guest post meets our criteria for success, it should be informative, well structured, data-driven, and engaging.

Content Quality and Originality

  • Articles must be 100% original human written, not previously published elsewhere.
  • Articles should 1000+ words, providing significant value to our audience.
  • High-quality, well-researched, and informative content.
  • Clear, concise, and grammatically correct writing.
  • Content should provide valuable insights, actionable tips, or in-depth analysis.
  • Articles must remain exclusive to our website, and must not be republished elsewhere, including your own blog.


  • Self-Serving Link: Limited to one dofollow link, either within the article or in the author bio, pointing to a relevant resource, your website, or social media. Also, products or services are allowed if it adds value to the content
  • Internal Links: You may include links to relevant intensed.com articles or tools to add value.
  • External Links: Must be to credible researches, high authority pages or case studies that are relevant to our website’s focus (don’t link to our competitors, or any irrelevant promotional links). Keep total links under five links

Topics of Interest

  • Relevant topics include but are not limited to digital marketing, online business strategies, AI tools, and our other categories.
  • Choose topics that resonate with the website’s audience, offering fresh perspectives or solutions.
  • Current trends, insightful analysis, or comprehensive guides.

Formatting and Structure

  • Posts should be well-structured, with clear headings, subheadings, bullet points, and keep paragraphs short for readability and easy reading.
  • Include a compelling introduction and a conclusive ending that summarizes key points.
  • Encourage engagement by ending the post with a question or call-to-action, inviting comments and discussions.

Images and Media

  • Incorporating high-quality images, videos, charts, and infographics is encouraged to make articles more engaging.
  • Ensure you have the rights to use any media or provide credit to the original source.

Submission and Publication Process:

  • Submit articles as Google Docs or Word documents, with a clear subject line indicating the submission for a guest post, through the specified submission form.
  • Understand that all submissions will undergo a review for quality and relevance.
  • Be open to edits or revisions suggested by the editorial team, that may request changes to ensure the article aligns with their standards.
  • Editorial team reserve the right to reject submissions or make minor edits.
  • Understand the publication timeline may vary based on the editorial calendar.

Promotion and Engagement:

  • Authors are encouraged to share their published articles on social media.
  • Engage with readers in the comments section to foster a community.
  • Exposure to a broad audience.
  • Opportunity to establish authority and expertise in the field.
  • Potential for future collaboration and contributions.
  • Quality Posts can be featured in our future software, applications, and AI tools.

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